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Enjoy Yourself, it’s later than you think!

Think you’re too old for festivals? Think again!

So, each summer you watch festival highlights on the TV and say “why didn’t I do that when I was young’”. You’re asking the wrong question.

The only question to ask yourself is “why am I not there?”.

Festivals have changed, and so has the audience. Sure, the revolting youth still have their annual music meccas, but for those of us of a certain age the festival world is now our oyster.

Take Bearded Theory in Derbyshire last weekend. Around 4000 happy bouncy people, average age around 45 – 50. Plenty younger. Plenty older.

Cracking line-up ranging from The Cult, The Skids and Stiff Little Fingers to up and coming bands you’ll never have heard of covering Folk, Punk, Trance, D&B, Americana and more across multiple stages.

Spotlessly clean venue. Really good food. No long walks. Clean loos’. Showers. Quiet camping and campervan sites. Friendly Staff.

And not a frown in sight. Anywhere. Just fun, frolicking.... communion.

And Bearded Theory is just one of many, many small to medium festivals around the country curated for music lovers of all ages on a mission to let their hair down. Check out Nozstock, Equinox, Rewind, Beautiful Days plus lovely little local affairs like Weyfest.

Still feeling nervous ? (you really shouldn’t) Still a bit too middle-class ? (you have nothing to lose but your chains).... well, you can start with the more sanitised, but still fun, Latitude and Wilderness – they’re a sort of gateway drug to festival hedonism.

So, if you’re north of 40 and have never broken your festival cherry (or just lost it back in the late ‘90’s) heed the wise words of the Specials “Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think”.

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