We love to collaborate!

We’re always open to ideas around helping each other achieve our goals.  So, if you’re into your fashion and festivals and think we could work together, below you'll find our take on it.

If you're interested, use the contact us link on this site and let's have a chat.

Charities/Good Causes
If you have a great idea that you think we might be interested in, drop us a line anytime... we're always up for talking to kind people looking to do good things.


If you have a shoot planned and are looking for garments to use, we can possibly loan items to you for your project in exchange for us receiving images to use on our social media. Email us the shoot details, along with links to previous work so we can decide whether the shoot is something we would like to get involved in.


5,000 followers or less – We are unable to gift or loan items. If you are looking to gain exposure to your social media accounts, please tag us in your Bad Banana outfits and if your photo reflects our brand (fun, carefree), we will re-post and tag you. We generally re-post all stories we’re tagged in too! If you are looking to gain exposure to your blog and you’ve recently written a piece you think we’d like to share, we can re-share your blog, and divert customers to your website.

5,001 – 15,000 followers – If your profile and style fits our range and ethic, we have a limited number of garments we are able to gift in exchange for content. We may also be able to loan items for events.

15,001 – 50,000 followers – We have a number of items we can gift you to begin our relationship working together.  We may also be able to loan items for events.

50,000 + followers – contact us directly and let's have a chat around working together.

Please bear in mind that we do generally check followers for how organic they appear. We would rather you had 3,000 general followers than 15,000 fake ones. 

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