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Are you the 'instigator'?

Updated: May 31, 2019

So, are you the instigator? The enforcer? ...or just the boring sod who says 'No' all the time?

Every festival tribe has a fire-starting instigator, the one makes it happen. Then there's the enforcer who backs them up. But theres also the boring laggard... slow to agree and ever-ready to backslide.

When it comes to dressing the part(y) here's some tough love to help you avoid being that last one.

Point 1. "I'm there for the music, not for fancy dress". Bollocks. You're there for the collective experience, for the liberation, for the communion, for the unexpected and, critically, for not taking yourself too seriously. It's a festival, not a Rotary meeting for god sake!

Point 2. "I not dressing up as an idiot" What? You want to dress like an accountant on dress-down Friday? ...again!

Point 3. "Why can't I just be myself"

51 out of 52 weekends a year being yourself aren't enough? Jeez.

Point 4. "Just because you all want to play silly buggers, why do I have to?"

Don't make them question why they hang around with you in the first place.

Harsh we know, but isn't a little voice saying "fair enough"?

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