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Buying Brighter Festival Clothes

Buy festival clothes from the right place and you'll brighten up more lives.

Stop! Before you splurge your wad on the commercial festival clothes vendors on the main drag into the arena, check out what the Charity stalls have in 'Pre-loved' festival garb.

That's what we were doing when we bumped into Marckas and his lovely crew at the Padley pitch at Bearded Theory last weekend.

Padley had some great stuff on display and a wide ranging stock, so we thought we'd donate a few of our new Tattoo-Inspired Western Shirts to see what the reaction was.

The three shirts sold out within a couple of hours and achieved unto £25 each...

If you're going to Nozstock this year (and you really, really should... fabulous fest!) check out the People In Motion Pitch, were more Bad Banana Festival Garb will be on sale.

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